This project’s objective is to imagine the future of humanity. It is illustrated by a short film proposing a futurist take of human existence, it addresses various themes, such as science fiction, theology, and philosophy. Through this short film, the spectator will be facing introspection regarding his humanity and cultural heritage. 
The purpose of this project is to provoke questioning.
My sources are drawn from several places.

First of all, through readings (R.Bradbury, I.Asimov, D.Simmons).
Each author has its own interpretation of humanity’s path.
Several aspects are addressed, everyday life, political life, transport, communication, military defense, scientific research, religions, social organization. Text confrontation enabled me to formulate a personal vision of humanity’s evolution. 

But also through current problems concerning artificial intelligence, overpopulation, climate change, space colonization, transhumanism amongst others.

Humanity’s awakening towards these modern problems is crucial. Technological researches are opening new paths, new discoveries allowing us to consider the infinite through multiple forms, and creating the necessary compensations for climate change and population growth.

In a complex universe, in a society undergoing unprecedented change, how can we find the truth if we are not willing to question everything and to give a fair hearing to everything? (carl sagan)

This short film does not answer all these questions. It is above all a personal point of view. Whatever your beliefs, this project will make you question your existence and your humble presence in the vastness of our universe.
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