user experience video one / music credit: flume, the greatest view
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user experience video two / music credit: hyper light drifter ost
Epub // additional research 
Prior to this project, we created an e-publication for Philip K Dick’s 1969 novel, Ubik. It is a science fiction, existential, nightmare story. The story takes place in various places and times, space travel and psi phenomenas are common. Its complex and unsettling storyline allowed us to break the linear codes of the epub, creating a unique interface and user experience.

The goal was to create a series of images illustrating the different epochs through fake advertisements, and the regression in time. They would be discovered by the reader on the cover as an animated gif but more importantly at the beginning of each chapter, and would be accessible from any part of the book. Furthermore, the typography would progressively retrograde to enhance the declining sensation in time. The reader would be immersed in a time-shifting world.
user experience video / music credit: vangelis, one more kiss, dear,  blade runner ost
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